College Football Trash Talk Snapchat Filters and Story 

With the return of college football comes the return of rivalry and trash talk. To play along with that theme snapchat has created college football trash talk filters and a story to show the nation all the shade. 

College Football Trash Talk Snapchat Story 2016

Kickoff weekend for college football in 2016 is the best kickoff weekend ever. With multiple top 25 match ups, there is sure to be a ton of trash talk. To help promote this friendly bash, snapchat created the trash talk snapchat story. The story consists of small clips of fans trash talking their rivals school. You may be wondering how do I get on the trash talk snapchat story? The answer is simple. Talk trash! You must also be on a college campus to post to the story. To help the trash talk along there are a number of trash talk snapchat filters. When you are on a college campus you will see a number of  filters that will help you trash talk.

College Football Trash Talk Snapchat Filters

The college football snapchat filters range from the one you see below, to messages to rival schools. These filters are fun to talk smack with because it just puts more sauce on your bash. My personal favorite is the throwing shade snapchat filter. Tell me what your favorite college football trash talk filter is by commenting below. 

Happy Snapping!

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