Snapchat Competition?

It seems like snapchat has no competition but as it turns out there are other apps like Snapchat if you go deep into the play store and app store you might find Wink. This app is similar to Snapchat in the sense that it allows you to share photos instantly. The differences might make it a more popular app than Snapchat. What I believe that makes Wink better is that it allows you to share the same picture with multiple people. You can also like peoples pictures like on Instagram. another feature that makes wink a little better is the fact that you can choose photos from your gallery to share. I could see Wink becoming just as if not more popular than Snapchat in the next couple of months. I will download it and see what it is all about then do an update on how the interface is and how it compares in the long run.

Vine more popular than instagram?

Vine surpassed Instagram in shares on twitter yesterday. What could this mean? Is Vine bigger than Instagram? I believe that Vine will pass Instagram but not now. In the near future Instagram will be another Facebook/Myspace story being used in small towns that have fallen behind. The idea of watching a short video is much better than just a picture that’s what Google+ has accomplished with Auto Awesome. Short clips can explain what is going on by themselves plus the voices and sounds you can hear from a vine video can get more information to you than just visuals. Overall Vine is just easier than Instagram. If you wanted to get a picture of a conversation or a cat doing something funny its harder to get a picture than it is to just film a short clip and share it. One thing Vine needs to improve is the interface. It can sometimes get annoying. Plus if you have an android you cannot use the front facing camera yet. So at this moment vine is just a seedling but eventually it is going to drown out Instagram and be the dominate mobile social network.

Features in Snapchat that you might not know about

 There are a few features in Snapchat you might not have known about. So this post will explain what those features are, and how to use them to enhance your Snapchat experience.

1.   Some of you may know about the first one as it is well known. I am sharing it because I was unaware of it until just recently. It is the video feature, which as the name implies allows you to snap short videos and send them just like a picture. In order to do this all you have to do is hold down the capture button and it will start to take the video. A red arc will start to move around the capture button, this shows how much longer you have to take the video. You have ten seconds to capture whatever you like before it will automatically end it. The video captures audio just like vine.

2.  This feature is the one I found the most surprising when I found out about it. This feature allows you to add filters to the snaps. To do this you tap between the send and save image buttons and in the caption type in Negative… this will make the image negative. Another filter you can use is black and white to use this filter you tap between the send and save image buttons but this time you type B&w… in the caption.

3. If you need to switch from your front facing camera to your regular camera; this feature will speed up that process. It can be annoying trying to locate the icon on the screen to rotate the camera if you need it done fast but you can easily switch it just by double tapping the screen. Just like double clicking a file saved to your desktop to open it, just with your finger to the screen. So next time you need to switch the camera try double tapping anywhere on the screen.

4.  The fourth feature is one that can add something different to your snap. By entering the settings and tapping Manage you can then select Visual Filters. Once there is a check in the box you can take a picture and while viewing it you can swipe to either side and a filter will be applied to your picture. One swipe to the left will apply a filter that makes the photo looked a little aged. Two swipes applies black and white.  

5.  The last feature will turn your boring text into large bold text that is easier to read. To activate this setting you will, again, go to settings, tap Manage, then tapping Special Text. Once you have done this you will now see a T when you are typing text on your snap. By tapping it once it will make the text bold. By tapping twice it will make it bold and centered.