Damn Daniel Game For iPhone – How to Score Higher

The damn Daniel game for iPhone is a spin off of the viral video. The video portrayed a kid who was filmed by his friend every day wearing a different outfit. Daniel’s friend would yell, “damn Daniel!” Daniel ended up receiving a lifetime supply of white vans. And now he has a game dedicated to him.

iphone games - damn daniel game

The damn Daniel game is an endless arcade style game with simple one touch controls. The object of the damn Daniel game is to make it to as many platforms as you can before you fall off of them. Along the way you can also collect diamonds that will help you unlock characters. What can make this game hard is the fact that the blocks that you jump on are not stationary. The blocks actually move constantly. The blocks either slide forward or backwards and sometimes even drop from right underneath your character. If you want to score higher in the damn Daniel game for iPhone, you are going to have to use some strategy to survive in the dynamic environment. Below you will find the best strategy that I have found to score higher in the damn Daniel game.

How to Score Higher in The Damn Daniel Game For iPhone

There are a number of different strategies you can use to score higher in the damn Daniel game for iPhone. However, only one strategy will get you results. The best strategy to get a higher high score in the damn Daniel game is to anticipate the movements of the blocks and be patient. Once you play the game ten or so times, you will begin to anticipate movements. Once you can anticipate movements you will need to be patient and wait for the block movement to be complete before tapping to jump to the next platform. This strategy has worked for me countless times and has lead to some of my highest high scores in the damn Daniel game.

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