Dictator 2 – How To Play Dictator 2 Strategies and Tips

Dictator 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular strategy games for mobile devices. This game is composed of a number of different components that allow players to experience the life of a dictator. Below you will find out how to play dictator 2 as well as some strategies to help you win more battles.

Dictator 2 - How To Play Dictator 2 Strategies and Tips

How To Play Dictator 2

Dictator 2 is a free game available for mobile devices. The object of the game is to keep your people happy and battle your foes to conquer more territory. The most basic component of the game is to earn funds and keep your people happy. Funds come from your funds section which can be upgraded to earn you more funds faster and hold more while you are away from the app. You can use these funds to bribe opposition. You must also keep your people happy. There are six different factions that you must keep happy at all times. To keep the factions happy you must make decisions that either please or displease the different factions. If any one faction becomes too displeased with your decisions you will be forced to either throw them into jail or bribe them with money.

Another important part of the game is battling other dictators for more territory. When you battle other dictators you will be using cards to do the fighting. You may choose cards from each faction to help battle the opposition. The number of cards you can use to battle is dependent on how happy each faction is with you. The happier the faction, the more powerful cards you can get from them. When engaged in a battle in Dictator 2 you must use strategy to not only damage the oppositions cards, but also damage the other dictator. When you kill another dictator in dictator 2 you will receive his/her land. When playing dictator 2 it all comes down to keeping your people happy. When answering questions and making decisions make sure that you answer wisely to keep a majority of your people happy. Don’t let any of the factions get too unhappy or they will plot against you and you will be forced to either pay or expand your jail. Both cost you funds.

Dictator 2 Strategies and Tips 

When playing Dictator 2 there are a few different strategies and tips you should keep in mind. The first strategy you should keep in mind when playing dictator 2 is to keep your people happy. There are six different factions that you must make decisions for. Sometimes the people will not like your decisions. Try to make decisions that will result in the least amount of disapproval from the factions. Another strategy you should keep in mind is to use different card combinations. In battle you will use different cards to defeat your opponent. When selecting cards for battle try to switch it up every now and then to increase your chances of having the perfect deck for victory.

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