Disney Crossy Road Tips – How to Unlock All The Characters in Disney Crossy Road

Disney crossy road is a game available for iphone and ios devices. The game is an endless arcade style game that requires both strategy and timing. In this article I will be discussing How to Unlock All the Characters in Disney Crossy Road.

Disney Crossy Road Tips - How to Unlock All The Characters in Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road is an endless arcade style game. This means that the object of the game is to make it as far as possible without being killed by one of the many dangers in the game. There are a number of different ways to die in Disney Crossy Road. You can be killed by a car, a river, or even a hawk. Throughout the game you will also find gold coins that allow you to purchase new characters to play with. Characters range from Mickey Mouse to Buzz Light year. Every character that unlock comes with its own playing ground. Mickey mouse has the traditional crossy road map. Buzz has a Toy Story themed map, and Characters from the Lion King have a Lion King Themed Map. These playing surfaces are fun to explore but first you must unlock the characters. Below you will find directions on how to unlock all the characters in Disney crossy road.

How to Unlock All The Characters in Disney Crossy Road

Disney crossy road is a never ending arcade style game that gives players a chance to play as their favorite Disney characters. To unlock characters you need to gain coins by playing the game. The coins will be scattered around the course while you play. Getting the coins can put you in a risky situation and may not lead to the highest scores, but if you want to unlock all the characters you will need to focus on getting coins instead of getting high scores. You can also purchase coin packages by purchasing coin packages with real money. I do not ever recommend purchasing coins with real money unless you are extremely desperate. Once you earn enough coins you can begin purchasing, or unlocking, new characters with the coins. each character in Disney crossy road costs 100 coins. There are many different Disney Characters to choose from in Disney crossy road, so to unlock all the characters, you will need to gather a lot of coins.

This game is extremely fun to play and I recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of Disney. When I played Disney Crossy Road, it brought back a lot of childhood memories of watching these movies over and over again. My favorite character to play with is Buzz Light Year from Toy Story.

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