DJ Khaled Major Key Alert T-Mobile Snapchat Filter

The days of seeing DJ Khaled on snapchat were thought to be over. However, DJ Khaled is back. 

In T-Mobil’s most recent advertisement on snapchat, they use DJ Khaled and his phrase “major key alert” to promote something called t-mobile Tuesday. Below you will find a description of DJ Khaled t-mobile Tuesday snapchat filter. 

DJ Khaled Major Key Alert T-Mobile Tuesday Snapchat Filter

The DJ Khaled T Mobile snapchat filter consists of a gold chain border that goes around the entire filter. At the top of the filter there is some gold text that reads “Major Key Alert.” In the bottom left hand corner is an animated DJ Khaled holding a pink key. In the bottom right hand corner you will find some pink text that reads “t-mobile Tuesday.”

Happy Snapping!