DJ Khaled Tour Bus Talk on Snapchat – From Miami to Las Vegas

DJ Khaled Tour Bus Talk on Snapchat - From Miami to Las Vegas PredictionOverview of DJ Khaled Tour Bus Talk on Snapchat 

DJ Khaled will be going on tour December 29th. Khaled has been promoting his tour bus talks for quite a while now, using his “ride wit me filter”. He will be continuing his key to success series from his tour bus for two days starting December 29th and ending when he reaches his first tour stop in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been talking up his two day non stop tour bus ride to Las Vegas, describing his upcoming tour bus talks. He has had talks such as Hammock talk and Golf Cart talk in the past. According to Khaled, the tour bus talk is going to outdo them all.

 DJ Khaled’s Trip From Miami, FL to Las Vegas, NV

DJ Khaled will be starting his road trip from Miami, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada on December 29th. His road trip will last to days as he makes the 2,528 mile drive. The ride will take 37 hours of driving, probably even longer with all the traffic and the fact that he will be riding in a massive tour bus. He will not be driving the bus, however. There will be two drivers that will take turns driving. This will give DJ Khaled time to conduct his tour bus talks.

The tour bus talk is going to be more inspirational than any talk yet. Teaching us all how to live successful happy lives. He will tell his massive following steps they should take throughout the day to make it big. I actually find his talks extremely uplifting throughout the day. He will have over thirty seven hours to post snaps to his story helping us be successful. Tune in to DJ Khaled’s story tomorrow for the start tour bus talks on Snapchat. Follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat by adding his username: djkhaled305

Happy Snapping!