Do You Use The Emojis That Social Media Sites Offer?

Ever since I have noticed the mood sharing Emojis in the bottom of the Google+ app I have wondered why it is there? Can people not just share in a more creative way how they are feeling? It is just annoying when I am looking through a community and see one of those yellow gum drops smiling at me. This is just another example of how lazy people are getting and I think it is only going to get worse. I can see using Emojis on phones in text messages to add a little humor but not on social media. A smiley face is ok every now and then but you shouldn’t have an entire post dedicated to an Emoji. The last time I used an Emoji texting was months ago, the last time I used one in social media was never. Emojis don’t tell people anything worth knowing about and waste time. They are not real content. If I wanted to know how you feel I would message you and ask. In all I think Emojis are a waste of your time and your followers time.