Does Adding An Image To Your Post Attract More Attention?

When posting on social media, everybody’s goal is to get peoples
 attention. One of the best ways to do this is to add an image to the post. When you are scrolling through your feed a picture catches your attention way more than just a bunch of words. Pictures will also add information to your post. You can post info graphics to share an idea. Adding a photo can also show off how clever you can be. Sometimes sharing photos will be the topic of the entire post. When you share photography you are doing just that. What helps on Google + is sharing a full sized image. Sharing a full sized image will attract the most attention from your followers. So if you are posting something, do yourself a favor and post a picture. Spending just a few more seconds on your post could have a big impact.

Adding an image also gives your posts personality. Not literal feelings, it just establishes a tone. If you are writing about your topic in a negative way you would add a picture with a cool, dark color scheme. By doing this when your audience sees the picture they will instantly know that you are not happy about what you are writing about. If you are excited or happy about what you are writing about then you would do the opposite. Instead of using cool, dark colors you would use bright, warm colors. This shows you have a positive outlook on your topic.