Dope Season 2 Netflix Release Date – When Will Season 2 be Added to Netflix?

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Dope Season 2 Netflix Release Date - When Will Season 2 be Added to Netflix?

Netflix’s newest documentary series is Dope. If you have an interest in the illegal activities that are involved in the illegal drug trade then this is the series for you. Dope dives into the nitty gritty parts of the underground drug market from the point of view of different people along the trail. Dope depicts the perspective of dealers, police, and users to give you a better understanding of how this sketchy business works. There is currently only one season of Dope available to stream on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up season one they will begin asking the question “will there be a second season of Dope on Netflix?”

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Will There Be a Second Season of Dope on Netflix? Season 2?

There has been no official word from Netflix regarding the production and release of a second season of the original docuseries Dope. Despite this we can get a pretty good idea of whether or not Netflix will pursue season 2 based on the reception of the series with subscribers. Based on reviews left by subscribers, it looks as though Dope was one of Netflix’s biggest flops. There is not one review giving Dope over three stars. This tells us that subscribers are not impressed with the series Dope.

If we had to predict whether or not Dope will be renewed for season 2 we would say that Dope will not be renewed for season 2. It is just not worth Netflix to put money into a series that has no support from their subscribers.

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4 thoughts on “Dope Season 2 Netflix Release Date – When Will Season 2 be Added to Netflix?”

  1. I think dope should renew for season 2 , it’s just i think people haven’t really gave it a chance and watched it the series.

    1. I thought Dope was really good! I found it by chance. I just don’t think people know about it to watch. I hope there will be a season 2. I thought it was really interesting.

  2. Dope definitely needs a season 2! Im craving it. If not put a first 48 on but I like the way Dope elaborates in different areas of the drug crime from victims to how it’s smuggled, very interesting.

  3. They need to lengthen season 1 if they aren’t going to make season 2 this show is the best drug and crime show I’ve seen getting all angles from junkies to cops and everyone in between

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