Facebook Face Swap? Facebook Purchases Masquerade Mobile App

Facebook Face Swap? Facebook Purchases Masquerade Mobile App Facebook Face Swap? Facebook Purchases Masquerade Mobile App 

In the past few weeks there has been a lot of buzz around social media regarding the face swap feature on snapchat. Snapchat was not the first to do face swap. There have been a number of independent apps that have allowed people to swap faces with other people, or anything else that looks somewhat like a face. These apps use facial recognition software to sense a face then apply it to another persons head. Pictures showing face swaps have been going viral for months now but only recently has it gotten this easy to swap faces with friends and family. It became even easier when snapchat released the Face Swap Snapchat Lens. The face swap lens on snapchat allowed anyone with a snapchat account and the app downloaded on their mobile device to swap faces with people and even dogs. Snapchat was the first, and only, social media platform to offer its users a way to easily swap faces. This could change in the very near future however. Facebook recently purchased the popular mobile app Masquerade. This app allows people to swap faces just like the snapchat app does.

Facebook’s purchase of the mobile app Masquerade means that Facebook could be attempting to compete with the popular snapchat lenses. The features that Masquerade offers its users are almost an exact replica of the snapchat lenses. Both Masquerade and snapchat offer the ability to for their users to swap faces. They also allow users to cover their faces with realistic masks that follow facial movements. Facebook’s purchase of Masquerade could mean that some cool new features are coming to Facebook. Below you will find a few features that we could see on Facebook in the near Future.

Facebook Face Swap

If Facebook is planning on merging the features of the Masquerade app into their social media platform then we may see face swap on Facebook in the near future. This feature would allow Facebook users to swap faces with people as well as anything else that may resemble a face, including pets. If this happens, Facebook users are going to explode. Not literally, but there will be more excitement for the Facebook face swap simply due to the huge number of active users on Facebook. Facebook has more than twice the number of users as snapchat and it will be interesting to see how they react if Facebook merges face swap into their app or website.

Facebook Masks 

The other feature that is offered by Masquerade that could possibly be merged with Facebook is the feature that is similar to snapchat’s lenses. These “masks” of sorts will allow Facebook users to make themselves look like famous celebrities. One of the most popular masks or lenses on Masquerade currently, is the Leonardo DiCaprio one. This mask allows people to turn themselves into Leo and be surrounded by Oscars. It will be interesting to see if all of these features are merged into the Facebook app and website, or just kept as the separate mobile app. Another possibility is that Facebook could merge the face swap and mask features from masquerade with the mobile app Instagram. Since Facebook owns Instagram just like it now owns Masquerade, they could easily merge the features from Masquerade with Instagram. Instagram users would get a huge kick out of new features such as face swap. For now however, we can only wait to see the results of Facebook’s purchase. Only time will tell us what will happen.

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