Flappy Dunk Tips and Strategies – What is The High Score on Flappy Dunk?

Mobile games have become an extremely popular pastime for the younger demographics in the United States. Mobile games have evolved greatly since the beginning. Today, games are simple to play and master yet require a bit of skill and strategy to get higher scores. One of the most popular games available on the App Store today is the game Flappy Dunk.

Flappy Dunk Tips and Strategies - What is The High Score on Flappy Dunk?Flappy Dunk iPhone Game Description

Flappy Dunk is a unique take on the Flappy Bird style of mobile game. The gameplay is very similar to the hit game Flappy Bird which makes the game play familiar and welcoming to new players. The game has surprisingly appealing graphics and smooth game play. Flappy Dunk is currently ranked as the twenty eighth most popular free app on the Apple App Store. This game offers great mindless fun that you can play with as little as a few seconds or as long as a few hours. Like I said earlier, Flappy Dunk is extremely similar to Flappy Bird. The difference is the mode by which you score points and increase your score. In Flappy Dunk you have the opportunity to earn streaks and also unlock new skins and balls. Below you will find a better description on How to Play Flappy Dunk on your iPhone!

How to Play Flappy Dunk Game on iPhone

Flappy Dunk has a very familiar game play to most mobile gamers. The object of the game is to get your winged ball to bounce or flap its way through a number of hoops. To play the game you will simply open the app and be presented with this screen:

Flappy Dunk Tips and Strategies - What is The High Score on Flappy Dunk?
To start the game you will tap the flappy dunk logo in the center of the screen. Once you do this you will be taken to the game play screen which will look like this:

Flappy Dunk Tips and Strategies - What is The High Score on Flappy Dunk?
To start the game you will simply tap anywhere on the screen. This action will cause your 聽ball to bounce once. As you approach the hoop you will need to tap multiple times and at different rates in order to position your ball in a spot where it will fall through the hoop. If your ball makes contact with either the top or bottom of the screen, the game will be over. Each hoop your ball falls through counts as one point toward your score. If your ball falls through the hoop without touching the rim you will get a swish which rewards you with double points. If you get multiple swishes in a row you will get a streak which will get you double points on the first, triple points on the second, then finally quadruple points on the third consecutive swish. Every swish after that will be quadruple points as well. Although it is fairly straightforward to play Flappy Dunk, you may find that these tips and strategies will help you achieve higher scores in Flappy Dunk.

Flappy Dunk Tips and Strategies Get a Higher Score on Flappy Dunk Game

There are a few different tips that can help you get a higher score on Flappy Dunk. The first tip I have to share today is to try to get consecutive swishes or streaks as often as possible. The more streaks you get in the beginning the higher your score will be because your score will increase rapidly with the assistance of streak bonuses. Make sure to get streaks early in each game because as you progress further in the game, the hoops will get smaller and be harder to get a swish. Try to take advantage of the smaller hoops while you can. The second tip I have will help make sure you do not miss a hoop. Always try to hit the front of the rim if any part of the rim. If you set the ball down on the front of the rim it has a greater chance of falling into the hoop whereas if you land the ball on the back of the hoop it is more likely to fall off the back and miss the hoop. These tips will most definitely help you achieve higher scores in Flappy Dunk.

What is The Highest Score in Flappy Dunk Game for iPhone?

Anyone can earn a high score in Flappy Dunk. There have been numerous very high scores recorded in the mobile game Flappy Dunk. Despite this, there can only be one high score in Flappy Dunk. The highest score ever scored on the Flappy Dunk iPhone game was 1106. This score was recorded on January 1st. Comment below if you have seen or earned a score higher than the score above and we will update our record! Also comment below which other mobile games you are playing and want to know the high scores for.

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