Flappy Fire High Score, Cheats, and More!

Flappy Fire High Score, Cheats, and More!

If you are an avid gamers you know that there are a number of popular games today that involve the shooting of white balls at colored blocks to destroy them. The newest casual game available on the Apple App Store is the game Flappy Fire. This game is a combination of two hit games, Flappy Bird and Ballz, and is actually well executed.

Here’s how it works…

Flappy Fire High Score, Cheats, and More!

When you open the game Flappy Fire you will be greeted by the screen above. To start the game you will simply tap on the screen. This will start the game and give your cannon or gun it’s first flap. To keep flapping and manage your position on the screen you will want to tap at various rates. Tapping faster will make you move up and tapping slower will make you go down. The entire time you are flapping your gun will be shooting holes in the walls to clear a path for you to fly through. If you hit a block, the ceiling, or the floor, the game will be over.

Here are some tips to help you score higher…

How to Score Higher in the Game Flappy Fire – Tips and Cheats

There are a number of various tips and strategies you can use to help you achieve a higher score in the game Flappy Fire. I will share the ones that have helped me get the highest scores. The first tip I have to share is to knock out the green blocks first. Be sure to shoot at green blocks first as this will open up a guaranteed path for you to fly through. Green blocks also have the lowest numbers which means they will be the easiest to shoot through. Another strategy is to try and get all the power ups that you can. If you miss power ups you will eventually reach blocks that are impossible to shoot through because the number is far too large. Power ups will increase your shooting speed and power. If you get all the power ups along the way you are sure to beat your high score.

Speaking of high scores ketch check out the record high score in the game Flappy Fire.

Flappy Fire High Score, Cheats, and More!

What is The Highest Score in The Game Flappy Fire? Record High Score!

There have been a number of great scores scored in the mobile game Flappy Fire; however, there can only be one high score. The current record high score for the game Flappy Fire is 838,929,100.

The current high score for Flappy Fire is 838,929,100

Comment below if you have scored or seen a score higher than the one listed above so that we can update the record!

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