Funny Squirrel With Nuts Snapchat Lens 

Over the last few months there have been a number of Snapchat lenses that make you look like almost anything. 

Snapchat lenses can make you look like a dog, a cat, a hippo, now you can even look like a squirrel on the Snapchat app. Below fyou will ind a description of the funny Squirrel With Nuts Snapchat lens along with an image if the lens being used. 

Funny Squirrel With Nuts Snapchat Lens

The most recent snapchat lens to be released turns any Snapchat user into a squirrel gathering up nuts. The lens first applies a mask that makes you look like a squirrel. You can activate the Squirrel With peanuts Snapchat lens by raising your eyebrows and opening your mouth. Once activated peanuts and other nuts will rain down and pile up at the bottom of the screen. Then a pair of squirrel hands will pull the nuts toward you like a you are a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter.

Happy Snapping!

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