How to Get on Snapchat Popular Story

The newest Snapchat update brought us a number of changes; some good, most bad. One of the bright spots in the new Snapchat update is popular stories. Let’s go over what these are.

How to Get on Snapchat Popular Story

Although many users are not happy with the layout of the new Snapchat update, it is here to stay. It is very unlikely that the changes made to Snapchat will be reversed. So lets us embrace the changes and make the best of them. One of the features that is actually interesting is the popular stories on Snapchat.

What Are Snapchat Popular Stories?

How to Get on Snapchat Popular Story

You may have noticed that on the discovery page of Snapchat there are now random people’s stories mixed in with the discover stories. These are known as “popular stories.” These are stories that Snapchat believes will interest you that have received a lot of views. Most of these stories are from bloggers, vloggers, and other personalities.

How to Get on Snapchat Popular Story

Popular stories are stories that receive a certain number of views in a certain amount of time. Very reminiscent of Instagram’s old version of the “explore page“. So basically Snapchat is moving toward an their own version explore page, but instead of posts there are stories and articles. It will be interesting to see how Snapchat adjusts this new feature as time goes by.

Popular storiesĀ  are marked with the Bitmoji of the author in the upper left hand corner as well as a message that reads “popular story” in the bottom left hand corner.

A common question about the new popular Snapchat stories is “how can I get on the popular Snapchat story?”

How to Get on Popular Story on Snapchat Discover

If you look at the new Snapchat discover you will notice that celebrity Snapchat stories are now featured. In addition to celebrities, you will see random stories labeled “popular stories.” These are stories that have received a lot of views in a short amount of time.

How to Get on Snapchat Popular Story

If you want to get a popular Snapchat story you are going to need to ensure that your Snapchat story gets an outrageous number of views. You are going to need to get over 300,000 views on your story to get featured as a popular story on Snapchat. If you have a large following keep it up and you will likely eventually be featured on a Snapchat popular story. If you do not have a large following, start networking! The more you network, the larger your following will grow. The larger your following, the faster you will get a popular story on Snapchat!

Being featured on a Snapchat popular story will get you even more views on the snaps that are on your story. If you get featured be ready for a flood of views and screenshots! The new popular story feature may prove to be valuable for brands looking to promote their products and services using Snapchat.

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