Gold Butterfly Sparkle Snapchat Lens 

Snapchat lenses are created almost every day. Lenses turn people into animals and even morph their faces. 

One o the most popular snapchat lenses currently available is the gold butterfly sparkle snapchat lens. This lens has become extremely popular on social media.  People like the way the gold butterfly with sparkle lens looks; but not as much as they like the dog snapchat lens. Below you will find a description of the gold butterfly sparkle snapchat lens. 

Gold Butterfly Sparkle Snapchat Lens

The gold butterfly sparkle snapchat lens adds a number of gold butterflies around your head. The butterflies flutter and flap their wings while they sit on your head. The butterflies are surrounded by gold sparkles. The gold butterfly snapchat lens also makes your eyes appear glossy and a little larger. 

How To Get The Butterfly Sparkle Snapchat Lens

To get the gold butterfly sparkle snapchat lens you need to look for the icon at the bottom of the screen after you’ve scanned your face on snapchat. The icon looks like a smiley face with three gold butterflies. If you cannot find the icon try refreshing the snapchat app. If it is still not there it is gone for a while, but keep an eye out. It may make another appearance. 

Happy Snapping!