Google Contract Over Bing Is In

Google’s contract with Apple has run out so it looks like Siri will be learning a new way to find what you are looking for. Now that the contract is up Apple has to, A: renew the contract with Google, or B: find a new browser. So instead of keeping the Google as the default browser for IOS 7 Bing will step up to the plate. But i’m sure that 99% of iphone users will change it right to google when they find out that bing can’t touch the bat to the ball. But its ok because Google could care less what apple does.

The whole IOS 7 is basically Android so why have two great things together it was either keep google and keep IOS or remake Android and scrap Google. But the decision is done and Bing will be the default browser when all of those iphones update and get packed into boxes headed for a tech store near you. I’m not saying that Bing is terrible, it is just that bing is not google, nothing will ever compete with google. Google is slowly taking everything over. It started out as a browser and has turned into a part of everyday life and has done it successfully. No other browser will be as successful as Google, and it certainly won’t be Bing on the iphone.