Happy Halloween Snapchat Filter 2016

It is officially October 31st in the United States, this means that it is Halloween. Halloween means parties, trick or treating, and costumes! There will be plenty of people using snapchat to document their Halloween in 2016. You may even see some people use the Halloween Snapchat Filter. Below you will find a description of the 2016 Halloween Snapchat filter along with an image of the filter.

Happy Halloween Snapchat Filter 2016

The halloween snapchat filter includes a number of elements that have become synonymous with the holiday. The filter consists of a graveyard scene with orange text that reads Happy Halloween. The happy halloween text is outlined in an eerie green color. Below the text there are five Halloween characters. Furthest to the left is Frankenstein, followed by a vampire, a witch, and a mummy. If you look real close you can also see a zombie arm coming out of the ground. In the background of the small graveyard scene is a moon with a number of small bats flying around. In addition to the happy halloween snapchat filter there are a number of halloween themed snapchat lenses that can turn you into anything from the Grimm Reaper to a Zombie. Make sure you give the Halloween Snapchat Lenses a try this Halloween.

How to Get The Happy Halloween Snapchat FilterĀ 

To apply the happy halloween snachat filter to your snaps this halloween you will need to make sure you have a wireless connection. Once you are sure you have a wireless connection, you will simply take a snap in the form of a video or photo. Once you have done this you will simply swipe left or right until the Happy Halloween snapchat filter is applied. Below you can see what the Happy Halloween snapchat filter looks like.

Happy Halloween Snapchat Filter 2016
Happy Snapping!

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