Hawaii Five-O Season 8 Premier Date? – Will There Be a Season 8

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Crime shows on television have been extremely popular in the united states. Crime related shows go back all the way into the seventies. Some of the original crime television shows are being recreated in a modern setting with a modern cast. One of these shows is Hawaii Five-0.

Hawaii Five O is a television show that depicts the life of a special task force who’s mission is to stomp out crime in the island state of Hawaii. The task force was created by one man who wanted to get revenge. There are currently seven seasons of Hawaii Five-O that have premiered on television. Each season received well over one million views. Now that Hawaii Five-O is on Netflix. Fans of the show have access to seasons one through six whenever they please. The only season that is not yet on Netflix is season 7. Season seven of Hawaii Five-O should be streaming on Netflix before the release of season 8 on television. This will allow for fans to catch up on the previous season before season eight premiers.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Premier Date 2017

Hawaii Five-0 season eight should be released around the same time as each season in the past has been released. Based on past premier dates for Hawaii Five-0 it is looking like season eight should be released around September 25th, 2017. This is however, dependent on the success of season 7 this fall. If season seven does not bring in the audience that they are looking for, season eight of Hawaii Five-O may not make it to television. But based off of the ratings of previous seasons, Season seven should have no problem finding success and I feel comfortable saying that we can look forward to Hawaii Five 0 season eight in Fall 2017. Comment below if you want Hawaii Five-0 season eight!


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