Helix High Score – Tips and Strategies 

Within this article you will find instructions on how to play the game Helix along with some tips to score higher. You will also find the highest score ever scored on Helix.

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Helix High Score - Tips and Strategies

How to Play The Helix Mobile Game 

Helix is a very straightforward yet challenging game. When you initially open the mobile game Helix , you will be presented with the following screen:

Helix High Score - Tips and Strategies
To start your first game you will simply tap the large play button. When the game starts a ball will bring working its way down a Helix or spiral shaped ramp. As the ball progresses down the Helix, your ball will encounter a number of obstacles. There are gaps, blockades, other balls, and a few other obstacles that you most either jump over or dodge. To make your ball jump you will tap anywhere on the screen. You must be precise with your timing if you don’t want your ball to shatter or fall through a gap. Helix can be extremely challenging which limits high scores. Below you will find some tips and strategies to help you get s higher score on the Helix game for iPhone.

Helix Tips and Strategies Score Higher in Helix

There are not many different ways to play Helix but there are some strategies that you can use to help you get a higher score. The first tip I have to share to day has to do with your eye movement while you play. As you tap the screen to jump over an obstacle, make sure you scan down the entire helix to make sure you are not caught off guard by upcoming obstacles. The ball that rolls uphill will catch you off guard a lot. The next tip I have for you is to be patient with your taps. Don’t jump too early because you will end up falling through gaps or hitting obstacles. It will take a bit of time to get used to the rhythm needed to make it past the obstacles. If you employ these tips you are sure to achieve higher scores in Helix. Below you will find the highest score ever in Helix.

Helix High Score World Record

The highest score ever scored in Helix was earned with a lot of practice and a quick reaction time. The highest score ever scored in Helix is 424. This score was scored on August 23rd, 2017. Comment below if you have seen, or earned a score higher than the one recorded above!