How Do You Generate Ideas For Content?

Lots of people use different techniques to generate ideas for their posts. Some people prefer to sit in a quiet room to sit and think, some like background noise. I know when I am using the internet I always turn on my television so that there is background noise. But when I am thinking of things to write about I prefer to either jump on my bike and ride to the river or just walk around. Both of these methods can be terribly exhausting in the heat of the southeast. So when I feel like staying in the a/c I just watch the news and surf Google+ for an inspiration. Everybody has their own personal way to come up with ideas. For some they can just pump out ideas all day long. Others will sit and stare at a blank wall until an idea comes to them. Some people use graphic organizers and go through a huge process to map out exactly what they are going to say. It is all up to the personality of the writer. I prefer to get an idea and just let it flow out. I find this easier and it makes things flow better.

Another great way I have found to come up with ideas is to find communities related to what you want to write about and just see what people are writing about. This is what I usually do when my mind goes blank and I cannot come up with anything. At first it was difficult but I have found quite a few communities that I go to often to find topics and jog my brain. There are communities for everything now so all you have to do is explore and find the one with people the most like you.

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