How To Add More Than One Filter on Snapchat

How to Add More Than One Filter on Snapchat When you use Snapchat there are multiple ways to enhance pictures you take with the app. You can draw on the pictures, apply a Snapchat lens, and you can add filters. Filters on Snapchat can be stock, geo, or sponsored . Stock filters are: normal, black and white, amber, polarized, and even a full battery filter. Geo filters are the filters that you can only apply in specific areas. Geo filters are usually for larger cities, or colleges. Geo filters can also be sponsored. Sponsored filters are filters payed for by businesses and corporations to promote something or just to cater to their customers. For example, McDonald’s had a filter at some of its locations across the country. Some sponsored filters are nationwide. Such as filters for a movie release.

How to Add Two Filters to a Snapchat Photo or Video ?

It is common for users of the Snapchat app to use more than one filter on a snap. The process to do this is not very well known but it is very simple. Snapchat has not made it well known how to do this but it has been figured out. Below you will find the steps to add multiple filters to a snap Photo.

Steps To Add More Than One Filter on Snapchat

  1. First of all you will want to take a picture of something, whether it be your dog or a tree, just take a picture of something.
  2. Now you will add your first filter to the photo. To add a filter just swipe either left or right depending on what you add. Geo filters are found fastest by swiping left. Basic filters are found fastest by swiping to the right.
  3. Once you have Selected your first filter you can add another one by holding one finger down on the bottom left hand corner of the screen just above the post to story button. How to Add More Than One Filter on Snapchat
  4. While holding down on this portion of the screen, swipe with your other hand to choose a second filter. Once you have swiped to the second filter you can release the finger that was being held in the bottom corner.
  5. To add a third Filter you can repeat the process by holding down in the bottom left hand corner and swiping to a third filter.

How Many Filters Can Be Added to a Picture on Snapchat? 

On a picture you do not have as many options for filters as you would on a video. This is because videos have the option of having two rewind, fast forward, and super fast forward as well as visual filters. On a Snapchat photo you can add up to three filters. Three is the number because you can add one Geo filter, one tint filter, and one time/temp filter. I rarely send three filters at once. It gets super cluttered, but it is possible. I usually stick with two for the most part. Usually a Geo filter that adds a little around the edges and a tint filter.

How Many Filters Can Be Added to a Video on Snapchat?

Videos offer a few more option for filters than pictures. When you add filters to videos on Snapchat you have the option to add tint filters, Geo filters, promotional filters, and even filters that adjust the speed and direction the video is played. The speed and direction filters are specific to videos. This allows more options for you when adding filters to the video. You can add a Geo, a tint, a time, a speed, and a direction. This totals up to five filters that can be added to one video. This can get kind of ridiculous.

Add me on Snapchat by scanning my Snapcode at the top of the page and send me some of your most ridiculous videos with filters. Try new combinations and enjoy.

Happy Snapping!


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