How to Add a Selfie to Customize Your Snap Code

Image result for snapchatThe July 2015 update for Snapchat had plenty of new additions to the app including: one tap story viewing, and a new snap code option. The new snap code option allows snappers to add a series of selfies that form a GIF. This GIF is then played in the center of your snap code. It is also what is seen by other snappers when you add them. It is pretty much just a profile picture for your Snapchat account. If you do not customize your snap code a random image of the Snapchat ghost with a random facial expression will display instead of your selfie GIF. Customizing your snap code is extremely easy and fun. So don’t be boring, follow the steps below to customize your snap code. It doesn’t take any time at all. 

The process of customizing your snap code by adding selfies is actually incredibly simple. First you are going to want to open the Snapchat app. Next you will be sent to the camera page of the app by default. There will be a ghost symbol at the top of the page in the center.

Tap the ghost at the top center of the screen, Or just swipe from top to bottom across the screen. You will be presented with this screen:
Your snap code is the yellow box above your username. Your snap code can be snapped by other snappers and it automatically adds you to their friends.  To customize your snap code with a selfie, simply tap on your snap code. When you tap on your snap code it will blow up and the white ghost will turn into your viewfinder for capturing your selfies.

To capture the selfies you just tap the circle underneath your code. The selfies will be captured in a burst of four pictures with a few seconds in between so that you can make another funny face or just adjust. Before the pictures are taken it will say, Ready, Set, Go. After the pictures are taken, they are turned into a GIF and will play in the silhouette  of the ghost. When you request to add people they will be able to see your selfie GIF. If you want to erase your customized snap code and return it to the default white ghost, just tap on your code again and tap the top left button that looks like a ghost with an arrow rotating counter clockwise around it.