How to Contribute to a Live Snapchat Story

How to Contribute to a Live Snapchat StoryTens of millions of people around the world use the social media app snapchat. These users all offer different perspectives by showing the world what they are doing at any given time. They post to snap stories which can be viewed by anyone who adds them. The concept is wildly popular with the younger demographic and with some of the older demographics. The younger generations love the concept of viewing what anyone is up to, easily. Some older users and businesses have found ways to use snapchat to make money. Generally snapchat is used for entertainment and interaction with friends. The app allows users to send snaps, message, and even share live video with friends. On top of all of this, users can view their friends stories for 24 hours after they are posted; as many times as they want.

Since the original story function was added to the snapchat mobile app, the concept has grown. There are now live stories that snapchat puts together for events around the world. Whenever there is a large event that snapchat users would find interesting, snapchat creates a story of snaps contributed by users at the event. These snaps are strung together to create the live story. These stories have recently received some attention from the latest snapchat updates which have given viewers of the live stories the ability to see the same scene from different peoples perspectives. For example, when there is a live story of a football game, and a team scores you have the option to view the score from different perspectives in the stadium.

Types of Live Snapchat Stories

There are a number of different types of live stories to be a part of. There are live stories for events, places, and sometimes holidays. Events that receive their own live snap stories on snapchat include concerts, music festivals, festivals, and major collegiate and professional sporting events. Places that receive snapchat live stories include major cities around the world. Usually there are cities that will be featured on users story page. Normally there are different cities every day. There are even Geo snapchat stories that can only be viewed when you are at a specific place. This occurs in major cities as well as on college campuses. These are featured when there are important college sports games or just when random cities get featured. Holidays are commonly receive dedicated live stories. For Christmas, there is a story that shows what other people were doing to celebrate the holiday.

How to Contribute to a Live Snapchat Story

In order to contribute to a live snapchat story, you will need to know a few things. These things will be discussed in this article. For each of the different types of stories, there are different probabilities that your snap will be added to the live story. Snapchat stories for small events are the easiest to contribute to, while holidays are much harder to contribute to. This is because in order to have one of your snaps used on any given live story, your snap must be selected by snapchat and added to it. The more snaps that are submitted, the less likely that your snap will be selected. So in reality, there is no sure way to contribute to a snapchat live story. It is all a lottery.

To enter in this “Lottery” of sorts, you will have to start by making sure location services are turned on. Once this is verified you will need to be in a location that is having an event, or that has a live story. Most major college campuses will have one. Then, depending on the type of live story you want to contribute to, you will submit the snap to the story. When you are in an area that offers users the ability to submit snaps to a live story, there will be an option when you are selecting who to send the snap to. You will select the one that sends your snap to the live story. For example, most major college campuses have what is called a campus story that is just a collection of snaps from students and visitors to that campus. To submit a snap to the campus story you have to be on campus, and you will have to submit your snap to the campus story option. When you submit snaps to contribute to live stories on snapchat, there is no guarantee your snap will be selected to be added.

How to Increase Your Chances of Being on a Snapchat Live Story

If you are set on being featured in a live story on snapchat, whether it be for an event or just on your local college campus, there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of success. In order to increase your chances of being on a live snapchat story, the first thing you will want to do is make sure that your location services are turned on. Once this is done, you will need to get on a college campus or near an event that has a live story. To increase chances of being a part of the live story, try to add captions that feature the name of the event or college campus, and any geo filters available for the location, or event. Doing this will increase your chances of being selected as a contributor. Another thing is to make sure that your snaps are clean. Avoid using profanity or any illegal or offensive actions. That will take any chance you had at having your snap featured taken away. Once you have created your snap, all you have to do is choose who you what story you’d like to contribute to, and send it. If there is no option to contribute to a live story, either you do not have your location services turned on, or you are not in an area that is a part of the live story.

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How to Contribute to a Live Snapchat Story