How to Create Content That Ranks Front Page Organically on Google

What does it mean to rank organically in Google Search? Ranking organically is ranking without the use of paid ads or other catalysts that take the hard work out of ranking in an Google search. Ranking organically is the best way to rank your content. If you use other methods of improving your rank in search there is a chance that Google will not approve of the methods used and they will punish your site by taking it off of the front page and ranking it somewhere pretty much worthless. To avoid this fate it will be to your advantage to put in the work required to get to the front page and avoid using alternative methods.

Ranking organically takes hard work that may or may not pay off with a ranking on the front page. The best way to do it is to create a resource that is unique and fills a niche that is not yet filled. This means that you need to create unique content that the search engine has never seen before. Google’s algorithm is constantly crawling the web in search of new content to expand and improve their search results. New content can include images that have not been posted before, anywhere on the internet, content that is new to the internet, and new videos that have just been posted. Combining all of these elements will make your content rank much higher. To create a resource that contains all of these elements will require a little extra work. You need to create images and videos that are unique to your resource. Also, you need to create unique content. This means that you have to write the content on your own. Copy and paste will not suffice. You will also need a lot of words in your content to get the best ranking on Google possible. I have found that a minimum of seven hundred words is necessary to achieve a higher ranking.

To rank in Google search, you have to have a search keyword that you would like to appear for. To rank for a specific keyword, or key phrase, you have to mention the word or phrase as many times as possible in your resource. You should also have they word or phrase mentioned in the title of your content. When you mention keywords in your content it shows Google that the content is about whatever your keyword is. Combine that with a unique lengthy post and you are sure to improve your rank in Google search.

Another helpful tip I have to share is intended for those who have just started their resource and are looking to rank front page in Google search for keywords as fast as possible. My tip to you is that you should focus on very specific key phrases that contain keywords that you are interested in ranking front page for in the future. So say you want to rank front page for “Pet shop Chicago” The first thing you are going to want to do is create content titled “Pet Shop Chicago – What to Feed my Dog in the Winter”. It is important to make the title very specific. This will show google that you are posting content that is unique and it will be more likely to rank front page on Google. If you keep posting specific titles with the keyword “Pet Shop Chicago” you will eventually gain Google’s trust and rank front page for that keyword.

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