How To Customize a Blogger Template

When you are designing your blog it is important that you capture the mood and theme of your blog in the visual design of your webpage. Blogger offers a few basic starting packages that you can use to get started. But this is just the beginning. There are many themes to choose from. There is a simple theme that just creates a list of your latest posts with a header and an optional sidebar. There is a theme called Dynamic Views which is similar to the simple theme but has options at the top that readers can use to change the format of the posts. Another theme is called picture window and is the same as simple theme but has a static picture at the top. There are a few more that I haven’t experimented with yet. All of these themes also have different color packs that you can use to coordinate colors of your template. All of these themes can be customized even more in the customization page. To navigate to the customization page just click template on the left hand menu. You will be shown a screen with all of the different templates and options that go along with them. Above the list of templates there will be a preview of your blog on both desktop and mobile. Immediately below these, you will see two buttons; one that says “customize’ and one that says “edit HTML”. You should click the customize button in order to make additional changes to the template, unless you are proficient at HTML coding. When you click customize you will be presented with a view of your blog and above it you will see a tool bar where you will be making changes.

In the center of the toolbar are the same options to change the template. Once you have found the template that best fits your blog, you can begin editing colors, fonts and images. You will be able to customize these on the far left hand side of the toolbar. The first option on this list is Template and will be what is open when you first press the customize button. The next option is background. Here, you can change the color of the background or add an image.
After background is width. Here, you can adjust the width of the entire blog and the side bar individually.
Next is layout. This is where you can change the formatting of the template. You can choose from a variety of layouts that will shape where you can add different gadgets in the layout. The last option is advanced. This is where you can adjust the color and font of pretty much everything in your blog. Including the header, post text, post titles, and much more. There are plenty of options available to customize your blog to your specific needs. Go try them out and make your blog unique.