How To Download a Snapchat Story Without Screenshot

How To Download a Snapchat Story Without ScreenshotSnapchat Story Ovrview

The goal of snapchat is to give users a peek at what their friends and family are doing at any given moment. The idea is to allow users to send and receive snaps, which are short videos or images that can be edited and sent. The short videos can only be viewed once and the images can only be viewed from anywhere from one to ten seconds. There is also the option to replay a snap. Since these basic functions of snapchat were released, the ability to post a story was added to the snapchat mobile app. Stories are snaps that can be viewed for twenty four hours after they are posted. A snapchat story can be viewed as many times as your followers want for twenty four hours after it is posted, unless the poster deletes the story. The story can be a string of snaps and videos that can only be taken real time. This is because the snapchat story is supposed to be a story of the users life. The only way to add to a snapchat story is to take a picture real time using the snapchat camera.

How To Save a Snapchat Story

If you are viewing a snapchat story and you see something that you would like to save or download to your gallery, you have two options. You can either screenshot the snapchat story, or download a third party app that allows you to access your snapchat account from a different app. Some of these apps allow you to download both snaps from your friends as well as their stories and save them to view as long as you want. However, there are problems with both of these methods. When you screenshot someones snapchat story, the person who posted it will get a notification telling them that you saved one of their snaps. When you download a third party app you will be able to save peoples snaps without them receiving a notification. The problem with this method is that when you log into your snapchat account from a third party app, errors occur. These errors can be recorded by snapchat. If too many of these errors are recorded your snapchat account could be terminated. If this happens you will have to set up a whole new account and re-add all of your friends. You will also loose any trophies you earned and your snapchat score.

How to Download a Snapchat Story Without Screenshot

There is currently no way for snapchat users to download another users snapchat story without using screenshot or a third party app. This is because snapchat wants these stories to be a representation of the persons life at any given point. It is the same reason why snapchat users cannot post to their story from their phone’s gallery.  It is because the goal of the snapchat story is to show you what you are doing now. Not what you were doing last week. That is also why the snapchat stories are automatically deleted by the snapchat app after the twenty four hours are up.

When you are viewing your own snapchat story however, there is a way to download the images or videos. To do this you will simply need to watch your story. Then when you get to the snap or video you would like to download to your gallery just swipe up and you will be presented with a screen that shows you how many views and screenshots your snap has recieved. You are also shown who has viewed that particular snap in your story. To the right of the number of views and screenshots there are two other buttons you can press: “Delete Snap” and “Download Snap”. The buttons will look like this:

How To Download a Snapchat Story Without Screenshot

The button on the far right is the button you will use to download the snap from your snapchat story. If there are any captions or drawings on the snap, they will be saved along with the image in your gallery. When you press the trashcan shaped button you will receive this promt:

How To Download a Snapchat Story Without Screenshot

By pressing the delete, the specific snap that you were looking at the stats for will be deleted from your story immediately. This could come in handy if someone steals your phone and posts to your story while you are napping.

In conclusion there is no way for snapchat users to download someone’s snapchat story without using either screenshot, which doesn’t work well with videos, or a third party app, which could cause your snapchat account to be terminated. I will continue to research new methods of downloading snapchat stories and post new content regarding ways to do so. Add me on snapchat by scanning my snapcode below for new article updates regarding snapchat and other social media news.

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How to Download a Snapchat Story WIthout Screenshot

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