How To Face Swap With Three People on Snapchat

 The face swap lens on snapchat was released in late February. The lens caught on in a matter of hours with hundreds of thousands of people using the feature to swap faces with your friends. The face swap feature on snapchat obviously needs two people for the effect to work. Each face needs a head to attach to. But there is a way for snapchat users to face swap with three people. In this article I will discuss how to face swap with three people on snapchat.

How To Face Swap With Three People on Snapchat

The face swap lens on snapchat allows two people to swap faces easily, but there is also a way to swap faces with three and maybe even four people. To do this you will need to open the front facing camera on your snapchat app. Next, you will need to gather up three people to swap faces with. Once you have your three people, including yourself if you want, you can begin the face swap. You will need to scan one persons face to activate the snapchat lenses. To do this you simply hold down on someone’s face on the screen. When the lenses appear, choose the face swap snapchat lens. Now you will need to get all three faces entirely in the screen. If any of the faces are not fully visible, the face swap will not work. Once the faces have been swapped, be sure to capture the picture or video quickly because the effect won’t last for long. The face swap lens is designed to swap only two faces but it will work with three on occasion.

Happy Snapping!

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