How to Gain Followers on Any Social Media Profile for Free

Social Media profiles, weather they be for business or for personal use are an amazing way to express and promote yourself. Different social media platforms have different uses and audiences that use them. Some are used primarily for personal expression and communicating with friends while others promote yourself or your business in a professional way. No matter what social media platform you are using, you are going to want to gain a following. Depending on what kind of profile you are trying to promote on social media there are different reasons why you would want to do so. When it comes to actually gaining the following it doesn’t matter type of profile you have, the process will be the same. It is so simple and only requires time effort and an internet connection.

Why Gain a Following?


Gaining followers for a business social media profile is an amazing way to get a business’s products or services under the eyes of potential clients or customers. The followers the business’s profile gains are obviously going to have an interest in the business or the business products. So when the business posts to social media, the post is going to be seen by people who are interested, which will have a higher percentage potential customers turn into customers than any other free marketing strategy.


Gaining followers for a personal social media profile is purely for entertainment purposes, although gaining enough followers for a personal social media profile could earn a small income, most personal profiles are for entertainment purposes only. The followers gained on a personal account will get the owner of the account more interaction. Whether this interaction is in the form of favorites on Twitter, Likes on Intstagram or facebook or some other form of appreciation, the owner will receive more of it.

How to Gain a Following


The easiest way to gain followers is through payment. You can pay for followers for your account by paying someone a certain amount of money depending on how many followers you want to gain. Although this method is fool proof and guaranteed to increase your number of followers, the followers are not real accounts and will not increase interaction or business. In reality they are just for show. The plus to looking like you have a large following is that people who view your profile will see that you have a large following and think that you must be posting quality material to have that large following. This could result in the person following the profile.

Another way you can pay for followers is to pay for a shout-out from a well known account. Some well known accounts with a large following will accept payment to share your profile with their following. When their followers see that they are “interested” in your profile they will view it and may follow you. This method is not guaranteed but will probably give you some followers. You must be strategic when choosing an account to give you a shout-out. If you are trying to advertise your business you should choose an account with who have a following of people who would be interested in what the your business can offer. If you are choosing for a personal account you must do the same but instead of offering a product you offer your perspectives or other material that you post.


The cheaper and more time consuming process of gaining followers is interaction. Interaction requires the owner to go through posts related to their profile and either like/favorite the post or comment on the post. This can prove to take a large amount of time and effort that most people do not want to put into gaining social media followers. Those people who don’t want to put in the effort end up paying for followers. For those who want to put in the time, the process is very simple. Just find posts with material that is related to your profile and either favorite/like the post, or comment something positive on the post. Ether of these actions will gain the persons attention and most of the time they will view your profile to see what you have to offer. If they like what they see they might follow you. Again this process takes a long time because you must interact with each post individually and not all of the people will follow back. This will lead to it taking longer for you to gain your desired amount of followers.

Give these methods a try and go gain some followers.