How To Get a Free Uber Ride on New Years Eve – Scam?

This holiday season the number of people drinking at parties across the country. Getting home may become a challenge for some. There is a solution to prevent drunk driving tonight. A popular Instagram Comedy page is offering users free uber rides. What?! Yes it’s true. To take advantage of this opportunity follow the instructions in the picture at the top of this post. 

How to Get a Free Uber Ride For Nee Years Eve 

To claim your free uber ride for New Year’s Eve, you will just need to put in a code. This offer was promoted by no chill comedy on Instagram. This account is known for posting comedy content, as the name implies. Is this a scam? 

Is The Free Uber Ride Code For New Years Eve a Scam? 

At first I thought maybe this offer could be legitimate. However, when you think about it, how could a social media account afford to pay for all of those uber rides? The account receives some money for promoting companies, but there is no way that brings in enough to cover uber rides around the nation. When you read comments below the post you will find many people who have tried to take advantage of the offer and were unsuccessful. It all makes sense now. This was posted as a scam. The seemingly too good to be true offer is just that; too good to be true. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste the time trying to use the code. 

It is a shame that someone would even post this but it is just comedy I guess. Someone is getting a kick out of this.

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