How to Get a Higher score in  Winter Sports Game For iPhone – Winter Games Tips and Strategies

Since the creation of the iPhone, mobile gaming has taken massive strides. It all started with angry birds. Now the mobile gaming craze affects almost everyone who has a phone. One of the most popular games currently on the App Store is the Winter Sports for iPhone. 

If I had to decide who my favorite mobile game producer is, it would have to be ketchapp. Their games are so simple and easy to play. One of their most recent releases is the game Winter Games. This game is based off of winter sports such as ice skating, ski jumping, and snowboard jumping. Winter games is extremely easy to play but nearly impossible to master. Below you will find some tips and tricks to score higher scores and get more gems in the winter sports game for iPhone. 

How to Get A Faster Time on Winter Games Speed Skating

How to Get a Higher score in  Winter Sports Game For iPhone - Winter Games Tips and Strategies

The first event in the iPhone game Winter Games is speed skating. The object of this event is to make it to the finish as fast as possible. To speed up you must tap the screen when the black arrow underneath your character is crossing the yellow bars. If you time it perfect you get a speed boost which will make you go faster, it will in turn make your time faster. Once you finish one event you will transition to another event. It might be the same event you just finished. 

How to Score Higher on The Winter Games Snowboarding game iPhone

How to Get a Higher score in  Winter Sports Game For iPhone - Winter Games Tips and Strategies

The second event in the winter games iPhone game is snowboard jumping. To score higher in this game you must go faster. In this event there are yellow boost bars just like speed skating but there are also big boosts. To use the big boosts and go faster you simply tap and hold, but don’t hold too long, you’ll fall. The more speed you get the higher you’ll fly and the higher your score will be. 

How to Get a Higher score in  Winter Sports Game For iPhone - Winter Games Tips and Strategies
All of the other events include the same basic boost bars and big boos bars. The goal of the game is to tap stratification to hit the boosts perfect. Doing so will increase your scores in winter games. Another way to get better scores is to buy new items. Items increase your speed on certain events. To get new items you need gems. 

How to Get More Gems in Winter Games Game for iPhone

Gems allow you to buy new items that will help you score higher in all the events in winter games. You can get gems one of three ways. The first way is to complete events. There is usually one or two gems at the end of every event so make sure you don’t miss any taps and fall. Another way is the gem boost. After you make it far enough, every so often there is a gen bonus game. This game will get you up to fifty gems in one run if you can keep up. The third way to get more gems in winter games is to purchase them. I do not recommend spending money on apps unless your life depends on it. Comment below what your favorite iPhone game is! Also comment your best score on winter games. 

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