How to Get an Emoji Next to Your Snapchat Username Like DJ Khaled

how to get a key next to your snapchat username like dj khaledIf you follow DJ Khaled on snapchat, you will notice the key emoji below the time stamp on the story page. Snapchat users all over the world want this for their own account. The question is, how do users get this emoji next to their username on the snapchat story page? I will be researching this question and will do my best to answer the question in this article.

What is The Key Next to DJ Khaled on Snapchat?

If you have added DJ Khaled on snapchat you may have noticed the gold key emoji next to his username where the best friend emojis are for the users who are your best friends. What is this key? This key is a result of DJ Khaled’s unmatched success on snapchat. He has gained over two million followers on the social network and entertains them daily with his keys to success. This is where the key comes from. The key represents his keys to success that he talks about daily on his snapchat story.

How to Get a Custom Emoji Next to Your Username on Snapchat

If you want an Emoji other than the ones that indicate your snapchat relationship with your friends, you will have to take that up with snapchat. The key next to DJ Khaled’s snapchat username was put there specifically for him. He has received a lot of special treatment from snapchat, including filters that are only available for him. I was really dissapointed to find this out because I was dying to be able to have an emoji next to my username on snapchat. Who knows, maybe in one of the upcoming updates snapchat will create a way for its users to add a personalized emoji. For now, however, there is no way to have a custom emoji next to your username on snapchat. You are able to add an emoji as a part of your username by adding the emoji to your name when you edit it below your snapcode.

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