How to Get More Cash and Gold in Basketball Stars Game For iPhone 

The basketball stars game for iPhone allows players to play against strangers and their friends. There are two game modes to choose from. 

 how to get more cash and gold in basketball stars 
In the game basketball stars, players have the option to customize their player. They can choose from a variety of different shirts, shorts, socks, and shoes. To get these items and customize your character, you need cash and gold. You also need cash to challenge people to shooting races or attacker vs. defender battles. Depending on the prize for the winner, each location charges a different entry fee. The cheapest challenge costs 500 cash. Customizing your character costs even more. In this article I will discuss ways you can get cash in the basketball stars game. 

How to Get More Cash and Gold in Basketball Stars Game

In the game basketball stars there are three ways to earn more cash and gold. You can win cash, buy cash, or spin for cash. The two easiest ways to get cash is to win it and spin for it. You win a certain amount of cash every time you win a game. Sometimes you can win some gold by banking your shot. The amount you win is determined by the location as well as the amount of cash paid to play. When you spin to earn cash and gold, the amount you receive depends on which slot in the wheel the arrow stops on. You have one free spin every day. You can get more spins in basketball stars but you will have to pay real cash for the extra spins. Another way to get extra cash and gold in basketball stars is to purchase the cash and gold with real money. 

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