How to Get More Instagram Followers For Free

How to Get More Instagram Followers For FreeGaining followers on social media is a very valuable skill to learn whether you are interested in business or just gaining attention. Most Instagram users are unaware of the value of followers. Followers are the best way to get immediate attention to posts. There are other ways to get likes on a picture but having a large following is the most fool proof way to get attention to your posts. When you are trying to grow your following you have a number of routes you can choose but a combination of all of these techniques will have the greatest success when gaining followers on Instagram. Below you will find the best ways to get more followers on Instagram for free.

Before we discuss methods of gaining Instagram followers for free I want to discuss why paying for followers is a bad Idea. If you want to know how to gain Instagram followers for free skip to the next paragraph. Paying for Instagram followers is an enormous waste of money. Even if the price seems reasonable, you are not receiving a real product. When you pay for followers you will only get followers that are ghost accounts. These accounts are created for the sole purpose of following people. When you have ghost following accounts, you will not gain any interaction which is the whole purpose of gaining the following in the first place. The only benefit you may experience from purchasing followers for your Instagram account is the appeal. If you appear to have more followers other, real, followers may be more willing to follow you. In my opinion gaining followers on your own is the best way to go. On that note lets go over methods of gaining Instagram followers for free.

How to Get More Instagram Followers For Free

If you are interested in getting more Instagram followers for free there are a few different routes you can take to achieve your goal. All of these methods will require some time and effort on your end but are guaranteed to produce results. The best way to go about gaining followers is to combine all of these methods.

Method #1 – Using Interaction To Gain Instagram Followers

The first method to get more Instagram followers for free is simple interaction. Interaction consists of liking and commenting on other users posts. When you interact on Instagram you gain the attention of those users because they will receive a notification of your interaction with their account. The more you interact with other users accounts, the more likely one of these users will become interested in who you are and may return the favor either by liking your posts or following you. For interaction to work your account needs to be public. If your account is private the other users will be much more unlikely to follow you because they will not know what you are posting.

Method #2 – Using Hashtags To Gain Instagram Followers 

The second method you can use to get more followers on Instagram is to use hashtags when you create your posts. When you use a hashtag you will be able to target people with a specific interest. When you apply a hashtag to a post it will be added to a collection of pictures that also have the same hashtag. When people explore the hashtag they will see your post and may become interested in your profile and be inclined to follow your account. Before you apply a hashtag to your post, try to explore hashtags to find some that have less than 100,000 posts on them. If there are too many posts on a hashtag your post will not get noticed. Also, try to find hashtags that are related to a majority of your content. If you use random hashtags on your posts your content will not be viewed by the correct users and you will not receive any followers as a result. Avoid overusing hashtags. Try to use a maximum of five hashtags per post. If you load all of your posts with hashtags you may drive away followers because your posts become look like spam.

Method #3 – Follow/ Unfollow Tactic

The final method I will discuss in order to gain followers on Instagram for free is the follow/ unfollow tactic. This method involves following other users then unfollowing them after a certain period of time. This is kind of a dark method to use but it will be effective. When you employ this method, some of the followers you gain will unfollow you as soon as you unfollow them. However, some of them will continue to follow you and this is what you want. This method is extremely effective if you can find an account with a large number of followers that were gained using this method. That way you already know they will follow back and not mind if you unfollow them. Make sure that the users you target have an interest in the content you are posting so that you are more likely to retain more of the followers.

Give these methods a try and start to build your following on Instagram for free. Thank you for reading.

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