How To Get More Viewers on Pariscope?

How To Get More Viewers on Pariscope?Pariscope is a service created by Twitter that allows people to view live feeds from anyone in the world. The feeds are called broadcasts and can be of whatever it is that a person might be doing. There are broadcasts from beaches, mountains, card games, and pretty much anything else you could think of. Pariscope is similar to snapchat stories except for the fact that it is not divided into segments. Broadcasts can last for hours. Being created by twitter you are able to follow your friends as well as celebrities. You can even chat with the person who is broadcasting and ask them questions about what you are watching. It is really a neat setup.

Pariscope could be a valuable tool for marketers. If there is a user that gains a large enough following that consistently views their broadcasts, they could sell promotions to companies or brands. The key to this is getting thousands of viewers of all of your broadcasts. The greater the number of people who view the broadcast, the more money businesses will be willing to pay for promotion. DJ Khaled has done a great job of this using snapchat. Khaled has over two million followers that actively view all of his snapchat story posts. With this following he is able to charge tens of thousands of dollars to promote products. This could be done on pariscope as well. All that would need to be done is create a large following that looks forward to broadcasts.

How To Get More Viewers on Pariscope?

In order to gain more viewers on Pariscope there are two major things to do. First you need to make sure that your Broadcasts are entertaining enough to bring in viewers. If viewers like your broadcasts, they will be more likely to follow you and come back for more of your broadcasts. Another effect of having quality broadcasts is that people will tell their friends to watch your broadcasts which will bring in more viewers. Another way to herd more viewers to your broadcasts, is to advertise your pariscope on other social media feeds. You can share your account with twitter, instagram, facebook and other social media services. When you share, add hashtags to draw in even more potential viewers.

You will receive some viewers from users just exploring on the map but you will want to gain followers in order to have guaranteed interest in your broadcasts. It is important to post quality content regularly. If you slack off and don’t post things for a while, your followers will get board and un-follow your account. The key is to make sure that the content does not loose its quality as time goes by. Another good idea is to interact with your viewers and get them involved with the broadcast. People love interacting with other people; that is why social media has become so popular.


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