How to Get on DJ Khaled’s Snapchat Story

  Millions of people across the country continue to view DJ Khaled’s Snapcjat stories daily. His story receives over two million views regularly. Khaled had been using this to his advantage, charging businesses to promote products such as Apple ciroc. To promote this product Khaled put the Ciroc in a cluster of bamboo and called it his Apple Ciroc tree. He was most likely paid to do this by the brand. He also promoted his own restaurant in Miami. As Khaled continues his two day road trip to Las Vegas he will continue to promote brands that pay his ransom. Khaled has also come across some fans while filming his key to success series. When greeted by fans he is more than happy to include them in his snaps. He loves his fans. You too could make it into one of his snaps. In the past he has posted snaps that give a shoutout to his fan base. He absolutely loves them. 

How to Get on DJ Khaled’s Snapchat Story

If you want to be a part of DJ Khaled’s Snapchat story yourself, you will need to catch him when he is not busy; preferably when he is filming for Snapchat. To get his attention just approach him and be nice. Tell him how big of a fan you are and ask to be in a Snapchat with him. Like I said he loves his fans and to be with them. Try to avoid waiting for his bus at a tour stop. Try to catch him at a restaurant he was recently at, or when he is pulled over on the side of the road preaching his keys or doing tour bus talk. Just be friendly and let him know you appreciate what he does.

How to Get a Shoutout From DJ Khaled

If you want DJ Khaled to give your Snapchat profile a shoutout, you will either need to pay pay big money, or become really close friends with the DJ. Khaled would be more than willing to give you a shoutout if you can pay the right money. He has been giving businesses products shootouts ever since he has amassed the large following. All I can say is good luck if you want a shoutout on Snapchat from DJ Khaled. 


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