How to Get Over The Big Wall in The Warehouse in Playdead’s INSIDE? Hints/ Answers

How to Get Over The Big Wall in The Warehouse in Playdead's INSIDE? Hints/ Answers

The newest craze in the mobile gaming world is the hit game Playdead’s Inside. This dystopian thriller is a must play for anyone who loves a dark and somewhat disturbing game that is easy to play yet challenges even the brightest players.

Here’s What its all about…

How to Get Over The Big Wall in The Warehouse in Playdead's INSIDE? Hints/ Answers

Playdead’s Inside puts you into the shoes of a seemingly young child who is on a mission of some such. Along the way you must pass through a number of very creepy landscapes that are very creepy and ominous. You start off in a forest where you must avoid masked killers and their dogs. You must run, swim, and jump for your life. At times the game becomes more of a strain on your brain than your nerves. You must figure out a way to overcome a great wall inside of a warehouse.

Below I will share how to overcome the different obstacles in the warehouse and beat Playdead’s Inside…

How To Get Over The Walls in The Warehouse in Playdead’s INSIDE

Once you enter the warehouse in the free version of Playdead’s INSIDE you will be face with a seemingly insurmountable wall. The situation will look as follows:

How to Get Over The Big Wall in The Warehouse in Playdead's INSIDE? Hints/ Answers

If you go back to look for something to drag over to the wall you will find nothing of use.

Or will you…

How to Start The Machine in Playdead’s INSIDE

If you backtrack all the way to the inside of the door that you could not open from the outside, you can tap and hold on the door to open it up. This will allow for a number of baby chicks to come chasing after you; don’t worry, they don’t bite. You will then want to walk back up to the machine in the room. Do not pull on the lever as this will do absolutely nothing. You must first start the machine similarly to a lawn mower. Tap and hold on the part of the machine pictured below.How to Get Over The Big Wall in The Warehouse in Playdead's INSIDE? Hints/ Answers

Once you have started the machine, the next thing you are going to want to do is move the chicks as close to the far right wall as you can. It may take a few seconds for the little beings to catch up. Once they are all bunched by the wall you will want to run back to the main lever and tap and hold on it; this will cause your character to pull the lever and essentially turn the machine into a chicken gun. As the chicks run by the intake it will suck them up and shoot them into the rafters and knock down a bail of hay that you can then drag over to the wall and jump over.

Not to complicated right…

How to Use The Pig To Get Over The Wall In The Warehouse in Playdead’s INSIDE

After you leap down from the top of the warehouse and re-enter another warehouse, you will reach a pig that is trying to kill you.

Yes, this game is very interesting…

In order to survive the pig you must jump over the pig repeatedly as you make your way to the right. Eventually the pig will bust a hole in the wall and allow you to keep moving forward. Still, you must continue to jump to avoid being killed by the pig. Keep moving forward and in time the pig will run into a wall and pass out.

Whew, this takes some time. (at least 10 jumps)

Once the pig has gone unconscious you will want to remove a parasite from the rear end of the animal. Do this by pressing and holding. Once you remove the parasite you can drag the pig around and use it as a step or stool. You may think that you can just jump right over the wall from the pig’s back but you cannot. In order to get over this wall you must drag the pig backward to what looks like a low hanging light. Use the pig to jump up and stick your head into the light. Actually, it is not a light, it is a mind control device. Once your head is in the device two mind controlled humans will awaken in the background. You must use these humans to release more humans then knock down the rafters on the far right. The image below will show you what I am talking about.

How to Get Over The Big Wall in The Warehouse in Playdead's INSIDE? Hints/ Answers


How to Get Over The Big Wall in The Warehouse in Playdead's INSIDE? Hints/ Answers

Now you have a clear path over the wall.

How to Beat Playdead’s INSIDE – Make it to The End

To make it to the end of Playdead’s Inside and beat the game, you are going to have to use your brain and in some cases, think way outside the box to complete tasks required to continue. Always try to use any resource that you have available to help you make it further and make it to the end of the game. Also, be patient. Don’t get frustrated, there is always an answer. The game is not impossible to win.

How to Play The Rest of Playdead’s INSIDE for Free

Playdead’s Inside is a very interesting game full of unique twists that are very entertaining. There is a reason that the full version of this game is priced at over $5. There is currently no way to play the rest of the mobile game Playdead’s INSIDE without paying; legally. If you are contemplating paying the $5 for the rest of this great puzzle/ horror/ adventure/ awesome game I recommend going ahead and doing so. Playdead’s Inside will provide you with hours and hours of mind boggling and heart pounding excitement that is well worth the price.

Comment below what you think about the mobile game Playdead’s INSIDE. Should there be an extended free version?