How To Get People To Your Article With Social Media

After you have created an article or blog post it is important to market it so that more people actually read it. The way that I have found to be most successful with is sharing it on social media. Now you can’t just go and click share and your done, there are a few simple steps that will help your be available to millions of people. The first step is to add hashtags (#). By adding hashtags when people search for posts related to what your article is about your article will show up.
The next step is to share it with groups of people. Your followers will automatically see it but there are other ways to share it to larger groups. On Google plus you can use communities to share with groups. This is the way I use most often as Google plus is my main source of social media news.
Another important step is to have a brief description of the article or an interesting question that is answered in the post. When you do that people will have more of an idea of what is in your post.
The final step is to add an image to your post. Having an image catches the eye of readers scrolling through their feed and will make them stop to see what it is. Which will lead them to the title of the post and the description and eventually to your article.
The title of your article is also very important. Learn more