How to Get Rid of The Find Friends Button on Snapchat

The most recent snapchat update added some new features and took away some old ones. Snapchat users have some mixed feelings about the new features, however, users can agree on one part of the update that makes the app much more enjoyable to use. Everyone is a fan of the Snapchat Story Playlist feature. There is another part of the new update that is annoying. I was tempted to call it a feature, but it does nothing but annoy users.

With the new snapchat update in late 2016. The discover stories are now moved below the stories of your friends. This is a small shift with a significant effect. The position of the stories is not the only change that has been made. Another feature has been moved. The “find friends” button has moved from the settings screen to the bottom of both your feed screen and your story screen. This move is extremely annoying. Now, whenever you have less than five or six snap conversations going at once, you will see a message on your feed page that says “Snapchat is for friends, find them in your contacts.” along with a large blue button below that reads “find friends” To some it may not seem like a big deal but for those Snapchat users who prefer a clean, clutter free organization, it is super annoying. I understand that snapchat is trying to promote more snaps and more use of their apps but the placement of the find friends button just looks like spam. “The find friends button is too aggressive.” one snapchat user said. Ever since the update, I have been trying to figure out how to get rid of the button on my snapchat inbox page and my story page. Below you can find out how to make the find friends button on snapchat disappear.

How to Get Rid of The Find Friends Button on Snapchat

The find friends button on snapchat has been moved to a place in the app that looks kind of spammy. Now at the bottom of the inbox screen on the snapchat app there is a message telling you to find friends in your contacts. Unfortunately there is no way to get this message to go away. The only way to move it out of your immediate sight is to start more snap conversations to push the message of screen. However you will still see it when you scroll to the last conversation. Hopefully in a newer update of Snapchat in 2016 or 2017, the find friends button will be moved somewhere less annoying. Comment below if you want the find friends button on snapchat to be moved, or removed.

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