How to Get The Christmas Snapchat Filters – How to Get The Christmas Dog Snapchat Lens 2016

Snapchat creates snapchat lenses and filters for nearly every holiday you can think of. There are snapchat filters for Easter, Thanksgiving, and even the Fourth of July. One of the most popular times of the year snapchat filter wise is christmas. During the Christmas season there are so many snapchat lenses and filters to choose from. Last year a popular filter was the DJ Khaled snapchat filter. There was also a snapchat Christmas geo filter for every state in the United States. This year in 2016 we are expecting there to be just as many if not more snapchat lenses than in 2015. Below we will discuss all of the different Christmas snapchat lenses and filters that will be available in 2016 along with instructions on how to apply them to your snapchat posts.
Christmas Themed Snapchat Lenses 2016

This holiday season we are expecting to see a record number of snapchat lenses and filters released. The Christmas holiday snapchat lenses allow for snapchat users to add christmas themed effects to their snapchat selfies. Last year there were only a few basic christmas themed snapchat lenses for snapchat users to choose from. This year we are expecting a lot more options. There will likely be regular themed Christmas lenses. These will be released closer to Christmas and may even be sponsored by companies such as Walmart or Target. With the introduction of the environment front facing snapchat lenses there are a whole lot of new options that are opened up. There could be a snowy environment with santa’s sleigh flying in the sky. There could also be a christmas front facing snapchat lens with snowmen built up in the snow. The most popular snapchat lenses this holiday seasons will be the dog christmas snapchat lens and the other usual lenses that are adapted to match the christmas season. These will work just like the Halloween dog snapchat lens did. Below you will find instructions on how to get use and apply the Christmas themed snapchat lenses in 2016.

How To Get The Christmas Themed Dog Snapchat Lenses 2016

The Christmas snapchat lenses are going to be a big hit this holiday season. You will be able to get the Christmas themed snapchat lenses just like you get any other lens. The christmas themed snapchat lenses will be some of the first lenses you see on the list of icons when you activate snapchat lenses. To get the christmas themed snapchat lenses such as the christmas dog snapchat lens you will have to use the same steps as the halloween dog snapchat lens. First you will want to choose which snapchat lens you want to turn into the christmas themed snapchat lens. Lenses that can be changed into christmas themed snapchat lenses will be marked with a christmas themed button above the lens’ icon. If you press this themed button above the lens icon it will change the lens into a christmas themed snapchat lens.

Christmas Update 2016: The Christmas version of the dog snapchat filter is finally here. It was released late Christmas Eve 2016. The Dog Christmas snapchat filter allows you to apply the dog snapchat filter but in the spirit of the holidays. The Christmas Dog Snapchat lens changes the dog’s ears from brown to red and the insides white. The ears are also tipped with white cotton balls. The Dog Christmas snapchat filter is going to be a big hit, just remember how to use the Dog Christmas Snapchat filter. All you have to do is apply the dog snapchat lens filter, then tap the Christmas tree icon above the dog icon. Give the Christmas dog snapchat filter a try and let us know what you think by commenting below!

How to Get The Christmas Snapchat Filters - How to Get The Christmas Dog Snapchat Lens 2016

Christmas Themed State Snapchat Filters 2016

Over the month of December there will be a number of different snapchat filters released that allow snapchat users to decorate their snaps with holiday themed elements. In December 2015 the DJ Khaled was the most popular filter on Snapchat. It was accompanied by fifty different state snapchat filters with holiday themes. Each state Christmas snapchat filter was unique. This year snapchat has done the same thing but this time they have changed each state’s filter. There are Christmas snapchat filters for every state. Below you will find an image of the Christmas snapchat filter for the state of South Carolina. Comment which state you are from below to see your state’s Christmas snapchat filter. Also comment below what your favorite christmas snapchat filter is in 2016.

How to Get The Christmas Snapchat Filters - How to Get The Christmas Dog Snapchat Lens 2016
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