How to Get The DJ Khaled Fan Love Snapchat Filter

How to Get The DJ Khaled Fan Love Snapchat FilterIf you happen to be one of DJ Khaled’s over two million followers on snapchat you may have seen Khaled use a new filter on his snapchat story. On January 13th Khaled visited the snapchat headquarters in Santa Monica, California. During his visit explained to the snapchat team how they helped him on his journey to more success. He gave the whole team a speech about his success and how he is grateful for snapchat. He also gave the team a shoutout using his new filter the snapchat team created for him. Later during his visit, Khaled rode in a yellow motorized shopping cart of sorts. He rode the cart around the snapchat headquarters and almost knocked down the person filming his story for him. I would imagine that this was an awesome day to be working in the snapchat headquarters.

The DJ Khaled Fan Love Snapchat Filter Overview

During his visit to the Snapchat headquarters, DJ Khaled began adding a new filter to his snap story. The filter is contiuation of the DJ Khaled filter series that snapchat began on christmas eve 2015. The DJ Khaled Fan Love Filter is a little different than the other filters. This filter is a direct reference to Khaled’s fan love posts. Every now and then DJ Khaled will post an address on his snapchat story and tell his fans to meet him there. Then, when Khaled arrives to the address, he is greeted by hundreds if not thousands of fans. This scene is what is being portrayed by the filter.

The DJ Khaled Fan Love Filter on snapchat features DJ Khaled standing above a crowd of people wearing all black sweats. He is also holding a microphone to his mouth and holding up his pointer finger. In the background of the filter there are a number of tiny white snapchat ghosts. below the ghosts, on either side of the cartoon representation of DJ Khaled, is bold yellow text. On the left of Khaled the yellow text reads “FAN”, and on the right side of Khaled the text says “LUV”. Below the text and Khaled there is a mob of fans with their hands in the air, similar to what it looks like when khaled posts one of his fan luv posts on his snapchat story.

How to Get The DJ Khaled Fan Love Snapchat Filter

This is another one of those filters that was created for Khaled himself. This filter has not been released to the public as of now. It would be cool if, in the future, snapchat created a DJ Khaled fan luv filter that was available if you were within a certain distance of Khaled. Then everyone who was a part of one of his fan love posts could add their experience with the DJ to their stories and share it with their friends.

Happy Snapping!

How to Get The DJ Khaled Fan Love Snapchat Filter


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