How To Get The Forward Facing Snapchat Lens Effects 

If you are a regular user of snapchat you have used and seen snapchat lenses quite often. Snapchat lenses add crazy and sometimes funny or cute effects that follow the movements of your face like a mask. These effects were extremely popular when they were first released and are still growing more popular by the day as snapchat releases more and more snapchat lenses. The most recent snap chat lens effect update allows you to alter the environment around you.

What Are Forward Facing Snapchat Effects?

Many snapchat users across the country have noticed a number of new snapchat lenses in front of the dog snapchat lens. These lenses are a special type of lens that actually adds virtual new parts to your environment. The feature was first rolled out a couple of weeks ago and to be honest I had no idea what they were supposed to be. I kept trying to use them like a normal snapchat lens filter but nothing would happen. Now I know that the lenses are supposed to be used with the front facing camera on your mobile device. When you use the front facing snapchat lens filter effects you will create a cool looking environment with clouds puking rainbows and even shooting hearts. You can choose from a number of different environments. Below you will find instructions on how to use the front facing snapchat effects.

How To Get The Forward Facing Snapchat Lens Effects
How To Use The Front Facing Snapchat Effects

The new front facing snapchat lens effects allow for users to create cool virtual environments that you can actually look around in. It is actually super easy to start using the new snapchat effects. To use the new snapchat effects you will simply open up your snapchat app and start using the front facing camera. Next you just choose which lens effect you want to apply to your snap. Some of the effects create an environment while others, like the flashlight effect, are simple filters that change when you tap them. There is also an air horn lens that shoots exclamation points when you tap the screen. Give these new snapchat effects a try for yourself and let me know what you think by commenting below!

Happy Snapping!