How to Get the Halloween Dog Snapchat Lens Filter

Snapchat is getting more and more complex with their snapchat lenses and filters. They create lenses and filters for every holiday. With Halloween right around the corner, snapchat has created a dog snapchat lens that fits the occasion.

Dog With Black Ears Snapchat Lens Filter

The most recent addition to snapchat isn’t something entirely new, it’s more like a tweak. For Halloween this year snapchat has made it possible to use a Halloween version of the dog snapchat lens. The Halloween dog snapchat lens is just like the original dog snapchat lens minus the ears and one more addition. The ears on the Halloween dog snapchat lens are black and have white skulls on them. There are also small spikes around the edge of the ears. The lens also turns your eyes red. When activated the same tongue comes out of the mouth. Below you can find out how to get the Halloween dog snapchat lens.

How to Get the Halloween Dog With Black Ears Snapchat Lens

In order to get the halloween dog snapchat lens filter you will simply activate the snapchat lenses the same way you always have. Next you will scroll to the dog snapchat lens. You will notice that the icon for the dog snapchat lens looks a little different. Instead of having black eyes, it has red eyes. When you select the dog snapchat lens you will notice an orange icon with a pumpkin right above the dog filter icon. This is the icon for the Halloween Dog snapchat lens. In order to use the Halloween dog snapchat lens filter, you simply  tap anywhere on the screen like you are focusing the camera. This will apply the halloween effect on the dog snapchat lens/filter.

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Happy Snapping!

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    1. Don’t double tap just tap anywhere on the screen like you do to focus on the camera so tap anywhere and it will work

  1. It still won’t work for me when I double tap the icon Iit hust changes the selfi cam to the outside cam. :/

  2. it only worked for a second and then it went back to normal im finding it hard to capture a photo within the 1 second its on the halloween special

  3. i still have the old dog filter and my iphone is kinda tweaking it keeps saying that i have to put a credit card in , in order to download or update something so i can’t do anything can i get some help? my gmail is

  4. I want this.. I haven’t had it yet! It works for Sony for example but not my iPhone SE. God damn I have the normal dog filter..

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