How to Get The Magnolia Milly Rock Bumble Bee Snapchat Lens Filter

Snapchat lenses and filters have become extremely popular with younger generations in the united states and around the world. There are snapchat lenses and filters for almost anything you could ever want to see. Snapchat lenses allow users to alter reality and become almost anything. Some lenses turn users into animals while others turn them into deformed versions of themselves. Lenses have been used to entertain millions of snapchat users. Now lenses have begun using today’s top songs and dance moves to make the experience even more entertaining. The most recent snapchat lens filter includes Playboy Carti’s Magnolia as well as the Milly Rock dance move.

Playboy Carti Magnolia Milly Rock Bumble Bee Snapchat Lens Filter Description

Have you ever wanted to be a bumble bee doing the Milly Rock to Playboy Carti’s Magnolia? Well now you can! Snapchats latest filter allows anyone to turn themselves into a bumble bee dancing to Magnolia. The lens works by adding your face to a little bumble bee body. The bumble bee has a big head with two fuzzy antenna. The bee also has a fuzzy yellow and black classic bumble bee body. Instead of six legs like most other insects, this bumble bee has two foam finger style hands in a thumbs up position. The bee is standing on a concrete surface in the snapchat filter. Once the filter is applied, the bumble bee begins to do the Milly Rock which is a very entertaining dance move to watch and is extremely popular on social media. In the background of the filter the song Magnolia will be playing. To hear Magnolia playing in the background it is important to make sure you have your volume turned up all the way and the ringer on your device turned on. Below you will find out how to get the Bumble Bee Milly Rock Magnolia snapchat lens filter.

How To Get The Milly Rock Bumble Bee Magnolia Snapchat Lens Filter

To get the Milly Rocking dancing Bumble Bee snapchat lens filter you must first have the snapchat app downloaded on your device, of course. Once you open the app you must activate the snapchat lenses by clicking on your face on the screen. Once the lenses are activated you must look for this icon:

How to Get The Magnolia Milly Rock Bumble Bee Snapchat Lens Filter
Once you have selected the icon above, you will become the Milly Rocking Bumble Bee dancing to Magnolia. Click the link if you would like to Milly Rock in real life. You can also add the filter to other people around you by opening the main camera and letting snapchat find their face. The Milly Rock bumble bee is one of the most popular snapchat filters available today! Comment below what you think of the Bumble Bee Milly Rock snapchat filter!

How to Get The Magnolia Milly Rock Bumble Bee Snapchat Lens Filter
Happy Snapping!