How To Get The Merry Christmas Snapchat Filter 2016

Snapchat is the place to be if you want to design awesome festive designs that will be viewed and used by millions of people. At least thats what we here at OTLSM would think since Snapchat releases amazing festive snapchat filters for every major holiday. Out of all of the holidays that snapchat creates filters for, Christmas is by far the most exciting. Last year the Christmas snapchat filter was very interesting and it received lots of publicity. This was during the whole DJ Khaled fad that was going on. This year snapchat has amped up its snapchat filter and lens production releasing over ten snapchat filters and lenses. Snapchat even released a snapchat lens game that you can play.

There have been a number of different snapchat lenses and filters released this year, all of them have been applied to millions of snaps sent all around the world. This Christmas 2016, snapchat has released the newest holiday snapchat lens. The Merry Christmas Snapchat lens has been long anticipated by Christmas lovers everywhere. The Merry Christmas Snapchat filter was released at midnight on Christmas Day which means that snapchat users can use this awesome looking lens for a full 24 hours. Below you will find a description of the Merry Christmas Snapchat Filter 2016 along with an image of the filter.

Merry Christmas Snapchat Filter 2016 – How To Get The Christmas Day FilterĀ 

The Merry Christmas Snapchat filter for 2016 has changed the game when it comes to holiday snapchat filters. In previous editions of Christmas snapchat filters there were very cartoon like elements. This year, The Merry Christmas Snapchat filter is a lot more elegant and clean. The Merry Christmas 2016 snapchat filter consists of a snowy background that makes it appear as though it is snowing. Along the top of the filter is some elegant looking text that reads “Merry Christmas”. Above this text are three Geometric shapes hanging like ornaments. Along the bottom of the Christmas snapchat filter is a Christmas scene made up of different color geometric shapes. There are some snowy mountains in the background with a reindeer, a Christmas tree, and a number of presents scattered in the foreground. This lens is going to be wildly popular this Christmas so make sure you send out a few snaps with the filter or even post one to your snapchat story. Comment below what you think about the Merry Christmas 2016 Snapchat Filter!

Merry Christmas Snapchat Filter 2016 - Christmas Day Snapchat Filter

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Happy Snapping!