How To Get The New Snapchat Features 2017 – Snapchat Update Prediction 2017

Snapchat is a powerful app that allows its users to send content to one another for a set amount of time. Well, this was the original snapchat. Snapchat has changed a lot in 2016. Snapchat now allows its members to read articles from the top content producers online, create and edit emojis, and even apply snapchat lenses and filters to selfies. In 2016, Snapchat saw an explosion of new features. Font changes, format changes, and even the addition of new features. Based on the exponential expansion of snapchat features in 2016, we may have a great year of Snapchat updates in store for us in 2017.

How To Get The New Snapchat Features 2017 - Snapchat Update Prediction 2017
Snapchat updates in 2017 will likely bring some awesome new features that will blow 2016 out of the water. Some ideas for potential Snapchat update features in 2017 include television show and movie streaming, special effects for your snaps, and even live snapchat stories, all of these are possible features of Snapchat updates in 2017. Below you will find a brief description of each potential feature along with why we suspect that these features may be in the works for 2017 updates.

Snapchat Television Shows – What TV Shows Will Be On Snapchat? 

One of the biggest new features we may see in 2017 is television shows streaming right onto your snapchat app. The question is how do you watch a television show on Snapchat? It would work just like a story on the discover page of snapchat. It would be similar to how NFL football games are basically streamed in the form of snaps from fans and players. The difference will be that it will be an actual television show that you can watch on Snapchat. By no means will this feature be able to replace your Netflix account; however they will likely have some interesting shows available to watch. We have heard from some of our sources that some shows that may be available to watch on Snapchat include The Bachelor and other shows from ABC and Disney. It will be interesting to see what shows are streamed on Snapchat in 2017. Comment below if you would watch television shows and movies on Snapchat.

Special Effects on Snapchat – How to Get New Snapchat Special Effects 

Snapchat already offers tons of effects in the form of Snapchat filters and Snapchat lenses. Snapchat users love these effects and use them millions of times each day. Snapchat provides their users with new snapchat filters and lenses almost every single day. Now we have reason to believe that Netflix will be adding some special effects that will change the game in creating awesome snapchat posts. Why is this? Snapchat recently purchased the app Looksery. Looksery is an app that specializes in facial recognition and special effects app. Snapchat will likely use the technology this app possesses to amp up their snapchat lenses and create a better overall experience for their users. I am super excited to see what awesome new lenses and filters we get with Snapchat updates in 2017.

Live Snapchat Stories – How to Start a Live Snapchat Story

Snapchat offers a number of great features for its users. One of their signature features is the Snapchat story. Snapchat stories provides snapchat users a way to post content that does not disappear immediately. Snapchat stories contain content that is preset to disappear after twenty four hours. Instagram has created a similar feature called Instagram Stories. Many people say that Instagram straight up copied the Snapchat story. This may be true but Instagram also created the ability to create a live story. A live story is a story that is live streamed. This means that people can watch your story as it happens through a live stream. Rumors are floating around that Snapchat will release a feature that allows its users to live stream stories as well. This feature would be called a live Snapchat Story. The live snapchat story would allow people to live stream whatever they are doing to their friends. It would be interesting to see how Snapchat handles the little things like notifying users about screenshots and views on their live stories. Comment below if you want snapchat to release live stories in their 2017 snapchat update.

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