How to Get the Orchestra Conductor Bitmoji Snapchat Filter

Snapchat has created a number of great altered reality (AR) Snapchat Filters. Some of these filters use your bitmoji to make funny and entertaining scenes. Within this article you will find information about the funny Orchestra Conductor Bitmoji Snapchat Filter.

3D Orchestra Conductor Bitmoji Snapchat Filter Description

The orchestra conductor bitmoji Snapchat filter is some of Snapchat’s best work. There are a variety of different three dimensional bitmoji snapchat filters, each one is unique and are very fun to tinker with. The newest and most popular of these 3D bitmoji snapchat filters is the orchestra conductor bitmoji snapchat filter. This filter shows your bitmoji standing peacefully behind some sheet music. Your bitmoji will gently tap the sheet music, then suddenly hard rock music will begin to play and your bitmoji will begin jumping around and dancing aggressively. The irony of this filter is what makes it so funny. There have been a number of videos made using this bitmoji utilizing some very popular rap songs by artists such as Tee Grizzly and many others. Below you will find some of the best videos of people’s bitmojis turning up on Snapchat.

That was a Snapchat user’s bitmoji dancing to Tee Grizzley’s First Day Out.

Below you will find an image of my snapchat bitmoji applied to the orchestra conductor bitmoji snapchat filter.

How to Get the Orchestra Conductor Bitmoji Snapchat Filter

How to Get The Orchestra Bitmoji Snapchat Filter

To get the Orchestra bitmoji snapchat filter you must first open the snapchat app and be sure that you have created a bitmoji for yourself. Once you have a bitmoji you will want to open up the main camera on your phone and tap the screen; this will open up all the Snapchat filters. You will want to select the icon pictured above. It will be a yellow circle with a stand holding sheet music within it. This will activate the Orchestra Conductor bitmoji snapchat filter. It will automatically start playing so if you want to get a video of it be ready to record.

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