How to Get The Wonder Woman Snapchat Filter

Today a new snapchat filter was released that promotes the new Wonder Woman movie. 

Many different movies have used snapchat to promote the release of their movies. Wonder Woman now joins the ranks of movies that have used snapchat filters to promote their release. Below you will find a description of the Wonder Woman power grace wisdom wonder snapchat filter, along  with an image of the filter. 

Wonder Woman Power Grace Wisdom Wonder Snapchat Filter

The Wonder Woman snapchat filter is your average movie snapchat filter. The filter consists of a border that looks like the sky and clouds during a sunset. In the bottom of the filter you will find the Wonder Woman logo. To the right of this is the year 2017. I assume this means that Wonder Woman fans will have a while to wait for the movie to come out. Wonder Woman won’t come out until 2017. Above the logo is four words: power, grace, wisdom, and wonder. 

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Happy Snapping!

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