How to Kill an Enemy Giant in Clash Royale – Best Character Cards to Use

How to Kill an Enemy Giant in Clash Royale - Best Character Cards to UseHow to Kill an Enemy Giant in Clash Royale

In the hit mobile game Clash Royale players battle one another and attempt to destroy their opponents towers. Players can deploy different troops by playing cards from their battle deck. Each different character requires a different amount of elixir to deploy. The more powerful the troops the more elixir is required to deploy the character. In the bottom of the screen there is a bar that tells you how much elixir you have to spend. It recharges at a constant rate throughout the battle. The longer you wait between deploying characters, the more powerful characters you can deploy. That is the basic mindset of the game.

One of the most powerful characters is the giant. The giant in Clash Royale is the character that can take the most hits without being killed. The giant is the biggest character and can only attack structures. Giants are slow moving and will not attack any ground troops as they slowly march toward the enemy towers. A level one giant has 2000 hit points to use up before it is killed. So any giants that have been leveled up higher will be even tougher to kill. To kill a giant in clash royale you have a few options to choose from when defending your tower from a giant. One, you can deploy a number of characters and hope that they can wear the giant down to the point were your tower will not have a hard time fending them off. Or two, you can select specific character cards that will kill the giant quickly and efficiently.

 Best Character Cards To Kill an Enemy Giant

All characters can damage a giant in clash royale, but only a few will do so quickly. The two character cards that are the most efficient when defending against giants are the Skeleton Army character card, and the Bomber character card. Both of these are effective for different reasons. The Skeleton Army card deploys a number of little skeleton soldiers. These soldiers are weak but the large number of them will make short work of a giant. The giant will not kill any of the skeleton soldiers because it will only attack the towers. So provided that the enemy does not use Arrows on your skeleton army, or use other characters, your skeleton army will make short work of the giant. The other good option for killing an incoming enemy giant is the bomber character card. The bomber carries a bomb that will take out chunks of the giants hit points. Depending on the level of your bomber, it will greatly weaken the giant before it reaches your tower.

Try to avoid using a Fireball or Arrows on an incoming enemy giant. Using these defense cards is a waste of elixir. A Skeleton Army will have a much greater effect on a giant than a fireball and they cost the same amount of elixir. If you do not have the skeleton army available, use any other character cards. A character will damage a giant much more than a defense card because the giant cannot damage your characters and the character can continue to inflict damage on the giant.

I hope this answers any questions you had on killing an enemy giant in Clash Royale.

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