How to Make a Snapchat Time Capsule

How to make a snapchat time capsule What is a Snapchat Time Capsule?

The idea of a snapchat time capsule was brought up to me by a friend of mine. She saw the idea on social media. The idea immediately caught my attention because it was actually a really good one. At first it flew over my head but once it sunk in and I realized the applications of this great idea, I had to hear more. I asked her to explain the details to me so I could understand how the whole idea worked. It turned out to be extremely simple. I thought I would share this idea and try to explain it in my own words.

The whole idea of the snapchat time capsule is to have a way to sit down with friends or family at the end of the year and have a kind of review of the previous year or however long you want to save them. It will be set up so that you will be able to add to the collection whenever you want but you will not see the notifications or the snaps until you go and look for them whenever it is you want to view the collection. I thought this would be a great idea. I will be trying this out on my own. I would definitely suggest that anyone with a few minutes should take the time to set this up. Below you will find directions on how to set up your very own snapchat time capsule.

How to Make a Snapchat Time Capsule 

It is never a bad time to start a snapchat time capsule. Also called snapchat time machine this idea is sure to gain some popularity with snapchat users who enjoy having a window into their past. To set up your snapchat time capsule you will need your mobile device, an internet connection and about five minutes.

First you will want to log out of your primary snapchat account; the one you use the most. Now you will sign up a new account. Make the username something like: “your name 2016″. You can be creative with the name as long as you can remember it. Once you have created the account add your primary account as a friend. Go into the settings and under the tab “Who Can…”, change the “who can send me snaps” to “anyone”. This will allow you to send snaps to this account. You can also give the username of the time capsule to your friends or family and they will be able to add to it as well. Once you have the time capsule all set up you can log out and sign back in to your primary account.

Now all you have to do is live your life. Take snaps and videos of the moments that make your life so unique and send them to the capsule. Over time you will create a massive collection of your favorite memories to look over whenever you decide the time is right. You could just make one for a weekend trip with friends or you could create one for yourself to open in ten years. It is all up to you. I hope you find this idea as unique and valuable as I did.

Happy Snapping!

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how to make a snapchat time capsule

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